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Our Freedom Manifesto

We are concerned;

About massive retail chains throwing up barriers for new entrepreneurs to enter the market,

About big web-stores and retail chains pushing out and gobbling up local mom and pop stores,

Because local stores are part of our culture, our history, and are the fabric of our villages, communities and even our nation.

Yes, the technological revolution has brought an amazing amount of good. But, it came with a price.

But not only that, we are concerned;

About a couple of tech billionaires slowly rendering us dependent,

About how a hand full of big tech corporations dictate what we are allowed to say and what we are allowed to buy,

About monopolies taking away our freedom of choice,

About how these tech firms donate millions into political parties to protect their own power structure,

We believe that the direction in which these all mighty firms are currently moving at the end will limit the freedom of us all.

And that is a problem, a big problem. Now how do we counter that? By joining together.

Therefore we created YUGE. YUGE is a platform that unites all small and local shops.

The power of the many. Because when “they” go big, we go YUGE.

YUGE is your big tech alternative solution for local stores. To fight back against globalisation and unfair competition in the market space.

So, if you believe in freedom of choice and fair competition, then join our platform to spread the Love ❤️

Wishing you a lot of (fair) business,

The YUGE Tech Team